Our Mission

12 people, 8 countries, 1 mission!

The Pillars Driving Our Mission

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to grow professionally

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Student feel a lack of support in their college years


Feel that they could benefit from a service like AcceleratePlus

Our team 

We are a diverse team from 4 continents and 5 countries. Together, we’ve impacted more than 200k+ professionals in their career journeys, collaborated with recruiters, international career coaches, Forbes under 30, and leaders from Fortune 500s and have been featured on viral outlet medias with over 75M+ readers AcceleratePlus continues to be completely student-led and we plan on bringing more amazing resources to students

Want to get involved as an AcceleratePlus team member? Reach out to us with your resume and the subject line 'Interested in Joining the Team' and we will get back to you!